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Case Study:
Base Mapping of Greely for Consumer Gas

GeoSolutions Consulting compiled topographic mapping and engineering bases for use in construction and installation of natural gas pipelines. Source data was compiled from high resolution air photos which were scanned, georeferenced and used for on-screen digitizing.


To provide digital base mapping at 1:10,000 scale of Greely Ontario. The data was used in engineering plans for the construction of new residential services.

Data Used:

  • 1:10,000 Air Photos of Greely - Current air photos where scanned and geographically referenced using I/RASC.
  • Consumers Gas Symbology Library - To aid in the creation of digital data that could be quickly integrated with existing data a symbology library and a description of data standards was provided by Consumers

Work Flow:

Heads-Up Digitizing - Building footprints, driveways, roadways, etc. are captured directly from georeferenced airphotos