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Case Study:
Saiklin Islands (Russia) Environmental GIS Database

GeoSolutions Consulting created ArcView databases of environmental data to be used in conducting an environmental assessment of oil pipeline routes. Data was compiled from various scales of paper maps and digital data.


To create an environmental database in ArcView using information from existing paper and digital maps at various scales. This database will be used to help plan a pipeline route on Saiklin Island.

Data Used:

  • 1:100,000 Base Maps - All the 1:100,000 base maps were colour scanned and georeferenced for viewing purposes in ArcView. In the areas of interest, base data was vector digitized from existing 1:100,000 paper maps.
  • Environmental Data - Various themes of environmental data were collected and georeferenced to the base data.
  • Other Data - In conjunction with the environmental data other data, such as soil and geological feature mapping, was also captured to aid in pipeline route planning.

Work Flow:

  • The scanned 1:100,000 base maps were georeferenced in MicroStation using I/RASC.
  • Several of the base maps were converted to digital vector format in MicroStation using heads-up digitizing techniques. These layers of information were then transferred to ArcView Shape format.
  • Envrionmental and other data maps were scanned and registered to the base information in I/RASC.
  • This data was also heads-up digitized in MicroStation and imported into ArcView.
  • The final database was delivered to Exon for use in their environmental studies of a pipeline route.
One of the paper maps converted to digital format by GeoSolutions