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Case Study:
GIS, Cartography and Multimedia Products for The Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (DIAND)

The research and analysis directorate of Indian and Northern Affairs performs in-depth investigation of numerous Canadian Aboriginal issues. GeoSolutions was able to aid their research by allowing them to fully examine the geographical aspect of their data through GIS analysis and Cartographic presentation. The additional challenge of clearly and logically presenting the complex research results was solved using GeoSolutions' web development, graphic design and full colour printing facilities. The results were bilingual large format posters, PowerPoint presentations, Adobe Acrobat documents and web based map products.
  • GIS Data conversion, geocoding
  • Cartographic products
  • Graphics
  • Poster layout
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Large format printing
  • Web mapping

Cartographic Products

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Large Format Posters
Screenshot of the "From Generation to Generation:Survival and Maintenance of Canada's Aboriginal Languages Within Families, Communities and Cities" 4' x 8' Poster