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Case Study:
Parks Canada Historical Sites Mapping Application

GeoSolutions Consulting was contracted by Parks Canada to design, program and implement a National Historical Sites Internet Mapping System.


This project entailed acquisition and formatting of Canada wide base mapping at various scales down to 1:50000, geocoding of all Parks Canada, National Historical Sites, and the design, development and implementation of a MapInfo MapXtreme based Internet mapping solution seamlessly integrating this data.

Data Used:

  • Geogratis (1:2 million)
  • CanMap (1:50,000) full Canada coverage v3.0
  • Parks Canada data (various scales)


Application screenshot at full extent

Application screenshot at a scale of 1.8 km
with the land use layer is turned on

Work Flow:

Java Applets were embedded onto an html page to provide the following functionality.

  • Zoom In and Out to street level data with building footprints, land use and streets etc. plus Parks Canada data (Nation Historic Sites, Treaty Boundaries etc.)
  • Ability to toggle the display of specific layers such as Nation Historic Sites, Land Use, etc.
  • Pan or recenter view.
  • On-line help instructions on the use of the application.
  • Display of map width (scale)
  • Ability to specify map width and zoom to the current center of map at that map width.
  • Use the Info tool to query information on National Historic Sites, First Nation Communities, land use etc.
  • Zoom to full extent.
  • Print and Print Preview. Print page contains an enlarged view of current map and a scale bar.
  • An overview map showing the area currently viewed in comparison to all of Canada.
  • A legend describing the symbols on the screen dependant on the current scale
Legend when scale is
between 250 and 150 km.