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Case Study:
Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Petawawa Environmental Database

GeoSolutions Consulting has assisted the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa build an environmental database to support the environmental management of the Base. Data was acquired and formatted into the MapInfo databases. In addition a seamless DEM was generated from OBM elevation data.


To build an environmental database, in MapInfo, for the CFB Petawawa training and base areas.

Data Used:

  • 1:10,000 Ontario Base Mapping - (OBM) Digital base mapping was acquired and formatted for MapInfo.
  • Natural Environmental Data - This was acquired from environmental studies conducted by Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd. Data was imported to MapInfo and georeferenced to the 1:10,000 Base data.
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - The OBM elevation data was transformed into Vertical Mapper DEM grids for each OBM map sheet over the entire training area.

Data Conversion

  • 25 Ontario Base Maps were converted to MapInfo format and symbolized for cartographic display and output. MapInfo workspaces were also created for easy access to the data.
  • Using the elevation values attached to each feature in the OBM database, DEM's were generated in Vertical Mapper.
  • Using Vertical Mapper's Grid Viewer, various 3D views of each map sheet were rendered with the draped OBM base data. A compilation DEM of all 25 map sheets was also generated and rendered using Vertical Mapper.
  • The Natural Environmental Data derived from studies performed by Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd. were translated from AutoCAD format into MapInfo and geo-referenced to the OBM base data.
  • All of the database information was delivered to CFB Petawawa for use in environmental management on the base.


Aerial photograph of the base


Water Elevation(Red to Blue), Reach Areas(Black Lines), Water Bodies(Blue Dots, Lines)
3D view of one OBM Map Sheet in Vertical Mapper