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Projects - SVG Web Mapping & The Ruffed Grouse Society of Canada

The Ruffed Grouse Society of Canada (RGS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving wildlife habitat for the Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock and other forest wildlife that require or utilize thick, young forests.

The Ottawa Chapter of RGS has recently formed a multi-year partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ottawa Valley Forest Inc. that will see selective cutting methods used in harvest areas throughout Renfrew County. Through support of RGS, harvest areas will be surveyed using GPS technology that will enable foresters to cut forests in small block sections. This harvest method creates areas for new generation of growth and maintains mature blocks that provide existing habitat, forest edges, climatological protection and other effects beneficial to wildlife habitat and forest regeneration.

GeoSolutions Consulting is working with RGS Canada to provide innovative web mapping solutions that provide information about location and details of the projects. Using SVG web mapping technologies, GeoSolutions has developed interactive map displays of the project areas.

Take a look at some of our pilot projects for the Ruffed Grouse Society of Canada.

Map 1: County Level - has zoom dependant layering
Map 2: Regional Level - has scale dependant symbology
Map 3: Project Area - provides tabular information when queried.